Our People


Living Legends was founded by Dr. Debbie Human van Eck and Le Roux Conradie as a Stellenbosch University project in 2010. Cobus Potgieter joined the board in 2013 when the organisation was incorporated as an NPO. Liesl Cronje joined the board in 2020 after two years of service to the organisation.

Dr. Debbie Human van Eck

Strategy, vision, brand identity and development of life-skills curriculum

Le Roux Conradie

Physical Education curriculum development, oversee financial administration

Cobus Potgieter

Governance, finance, HR

Liesl Cronje

Managing director, staff development and co-development of life-skills curriculum


The Living Legends team is a diverse and committed group of professionals that are leaders in their own right, having shown great commitment to the communities in which they work.

Ameerah Daniels

General Manager


The purpose of the Living Legends Brand Ambassador plan is building relationships with influencers who would like to contribute to broadening the horizons of South Africa’s youth through skills development.

Living Legends’ relationship with brand ambassadors is viewed as a reciprocal process that should suit and benefit both entities. Ultimately, the nature and extent of their involvement with Living Legends is a result of their own passions, preferences and availability.


Caylix Sport has been a longstanding partner and developed the Physical Education component of our school programme. Their specialised Kinderkinetics practice and extensive sport science background brings a scientific approach to the way we present physical development training. Their services are also applied to the training of our Instructors and the evaluation of results pertaining to physical education outcomes.

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