Our curriculum has been adapted for delivery to differently abled children through the Living Legends Enable programme.

The Enable programme is focused on 3 components, namely the Kinetix physical education programme, sport specific training and life skills development. The Kinetix physical education programme focusses on the gross and big motor development of learners, as required for playing sport. Our sport specific training focuses on the high-performance training of differently abled athletes identified during talent ID sessions through sport specific camps. Amongst these learners are also those participating in track and field events on a provincial level.

Our programme was originally designed for learners with ambulant disabilities such as cerebral palsy and amputations but evolved to also cater for learners with spinal injuries that are wheelchair bound as of 2021 the programme is offered to learners who are visually impaired.

The Enable programme promotes inclusion, optimises physical function, builds emotional and mental resilience and aims to enhance the holistic development and well-being of differently abled participants.

The barriers to participation for differently abled learners are complex and include issues such as low self-esteem and the fear of not being able to perform activities. Our programme addresses these issues through targeted personal development activities.

We believe that participation in sport is vital for the mental and physical development of differently abled learners.