It starts with a dream.


Bear Grylls had a dream. From a young age he wanted to explore and feed his curiosity. He later trained in martial arts, joined the British Special Forces, and then became one of the youngest climbers ever to reach the summit of Mount Everest. We all know him today as an ultimate adventurer.


It started out as a girl with a dream. “If you do nothing today, you can’t complain that nothing is changing tomorrow”, says Doctor Nthabiseng Legoete. She is a medical practitioner whose passion in life is to improve people’s access to primary healthcare.

She founded Quali Health in May 2016 which provides affordable high quality healthcare services to the defenceless communities of South Africa, serving up to 500 patients a day.


Adam Small dreamt of becoming a philosopher and many qualifications later, became a renowned poet and playwriter. Kitty Phetla dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer and through extreme hard work, she did, Mandisa Mfeka dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot and after countless hours in flight, she did.


A little boy in our instructor Patrick’s class dreams of becoming a policeman and a girl in our instructor Keagan’s class of becoming a dentist. In some of the other classes, children want to become dancers, doctors, professional athletes, astronauts, and teachers. At Living Legends, it is important to us to teach children to dream now and to do now, and to show them that dreams can realise, if we have the right attitude and take the right actions towards it.


It is rather difficult for most of us to make our dreams come true. But if we start by doing and taking small steps towards that dream, it may just come true.


It all starts with a dream. Let’s do it.


By Liesl Cronje
22 April 2021