Instructor Development

A big part of our success and ability to deliver our school programme lies in our team of instructors. We offer a well developed in-house Living Legends Instructor Programme for young leaders, who once qualified, are deployed into schools to present the Living Legends School Programme.

Our team of instructors represent the communities they work in and have intimate knowledge of the challenges children face, making it easier for children to identify with them.

Our instructor training programme starts off with an initial training programme, followed by ongoing academic and practical learning. First Aid training and leadership development is also included in the programme.

To date we have trained 23 instructors, many of whom have gone on to establish related careers, based on their development and growth in the Living Legends Instructor Programme.

Our Living Legend year starts with a weeklong process in team preparation and training. The training includes re-visiting Living Legends’ vision and principles, activities around the yearly theme, as well as focusing on individual personal development. Physical Education training recap and first aid training are also included.

Quarterly personal development workshops are facilitated per yearly theme as well as an individual life coaching session with each instructor, once every six months.

Monthly check in conversations is done by the Living Legends manager.

Once instructors are deployed to schools, we encourage and support additional professional development and training on an ongoing basis.