Our Impact

Our beneficiaries are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary beneficiaries, as outlined below. This table is a summary of the number of beneficiaries we have reached to date:

(if we use this it should be further defined to include:
all children that have attended ever
children currently in programme etc. – lets discuss.
Total number of schools ever
Total number of current schools
Total number (estimated) of parents impacted ever, currently etc

Age group

Number of Schools

Number of Children

Living Legends School programme


Enable Programme





Our primary beneficiaries are underserved school children, residing in low-income communities, between the ages of 5 and 13 years of age. Within this grouping we distinguish an additional beneficiary group as children living with disabilities including physical and mental challenges. Our programme was birthed out of the perceived need that most children in South Africa does not enjoy optimum physical and personal development opportunities during their forming years. We have established that the education system, in many instances, fail to provide children with an environment for positive and holistic development.


Our Secondary beneficiary grouping is schools. Within this group we include school principals and teachers. Schools have the advantage of being enabled to provide their learners with specialised physical and life skills education, with no cost to the school. Our instructors support teachers in the education process, specifically around physical education and life skills training.

Herewith a list of schools where the Living Legends programme is currently presented:

Western Cape:


Dr. G. J. Joubert Primary (Strand)
Rusthof Primary (Strand)
Weber Gedenk Primary (Stellenbosch)
Klapmuts Primary (Stellenbosch)
Dalubuhle Primary (Franschhoek)
Franschhoek Primary (Franschhoek)
Groendal Primary (Franschhoek)
Wemmershoek Primary (Franschhoek)
Wes-Eind Primary (Franschhoek)
Astra School (Montana)
Athlone School for the blind (Bellville)

Eastern Cape:


Graaff Reinet Primary (Graaff Reinet)
Isibane Primary (Graaff Reinet)
Kroonvale Primary (Graaff Reinet)
Lingcom Primary (Graaff Reinet)
Narsingstraat Primary (Graaff Reinet)
Ryneveld Primary (Graaff Reinet)


Tertiary beneficiaries are the parents of the children in our programme, and the wider communities that benefit from our services.

Parents are aided in providing their children will additionally training and development, resulting into more rounded children with better discipline and life prospects.

Our aim is to help the children in our programme to become active and responsible citizens and in so doing, strengthening the social fiber of our country.