Themed workshops are educational events presented at schools, in addition to our year-long Living Legends School Programme curriculum. These interactive and fun events include a variety of topics and presentation formats. Our themed workshops are purposed to offer children additional opportunities to experience and explore a diverse range of formative activities.

We present a choice of seven themed workshops. Topics are refreshed from time to time as needed and include art, culture and social themes as indicated below:

Living Legends Themed Workshop

Brief theme description


Design Thinking

A workshop about the design thinking process, presented in an age-appropriate manner with a particular emphasis on empathy, problem identification and solution generation.



A workshop about creativity and the usefulness of creativity in our daily loves (solving problems, innovating, revitalization, etc.).



A workshop focused on improving your own employability, including reference to required employability skills and with the option to engage in a coaching process.



A workshop about the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and the adoption of suitable coping mechanisms.


COVID-19 debrief

A workshop debriefing participants in relation to their COVID-19 experiences, guiding them in terms of suitable coping mechanisms and with the option to engage in a coaching process.



A workshop that allows participants from all ages to engage in an age-appropriate art workshop customized for the needs and desired outcomes of the group.


Around the world in 80 days

A workshop about cultural appreciation and preservation by travelling figuratively to various parts of the world and learning about the similarities and differences that exist between your own culture and those from around the world.