Let’s talk about purpose.

At Living Legends our purpose is to broaden the horizons of South African Children and to guide them through our programmes, to find their own voices and pursue their own dreams.

But what ís purpose? The Merriam-Webster dictionary (2021) defines purpose as “something set up as an object or end to be attained” and the Cambridge Dictionary (2021) defines purpose as “the reason to why something is done or why something exists.” We hear about concepts such as Find your Why and The Purpose Collaborative, however, what purpose really means is not that clear.

To help us understand our purpose, questions such as; what is the core of everything we are and do, and how can we make a difference in life, can help us reflect upon the concept of purpose. However, does everyone just have sense of purpose or know from the start where they are heading to and what their end goal is? What if our purpose grows with us, taking shape while we do life, becoming clearer as we become more of who we should be?


According to the South African College of Applied Psychology (2019), passionate people have a deep sense of purpose as well as a clear understanding of their values and beliefs. Bill Burnett and Dave Evans (2021), human-centered designers and founders of the Life Design Lab at Stanford, studied the question of passion and purpose and found that less than 20 percent of people have only one discernible passion in their lives. Bill and Dave say that we do not need to know our passion to start doing life, we just need to start from where we are, and if we can connect the dots between who we are, what we believe and what we do, we can already be far on our way to a meaningful and purposeful life.

At Living Legends, we do know that we are always hopeful towards a happy and productive future for the children of South Africa. We believe strongly in broadening these children’s’ horizons and we trust that what we do through our Life Skills and Physical Education training programmes in schools, will assist others in finding their own purpose.
Now pause to consider what is your purpose in life?

By Liesl Cronje
6 April 2021